Saturday, April 5, 2014


The pianist said to me, Your hair is sticking out all over the place lately. Do you not have any more of your stuff?"--- "No." I said, "I've run out." Later I went to the Pharmasave and looked for the sign that said Hair. There were five shelves 30 feet long that all said Hair Coloring. I searched diligently for grease or mousse, gel or oil that would plaster my errant hair to the skull and none was found on that side. I went for help and they showed me the shampoo and conditioning side,also as long a set of shelves. I searched diligently through that collection but there was no product I could find that seemed to be what I needed. There are only 10,000 people on Lotus island so a package of hair coloring material is available for each one, so I wondered. Is baldness the thing for men young and old that means grease is no longer needed? Is there no longer a woman with still her grade one hair color? Are there males who color their beard? I finally erred and brought home a tube of what I thought might do and applied it once. It was excellent at the time but I found out later it was hair conditioner and if I went out in the rain I might end up with bubbles on my head. I'm just going to the gas station to get a product that works.