Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deer Feeding Station

When we have surplus apples , so does everyone else on the island. What to do? The Community Services has a glut of donated apples. So does everyone else I know. The deer are a different matter. There is a shortage of their preferred food and I am not about to plant things that they enjoy. It's a perfect use for the apples as long as the deer balance their diet. I used to spread apples on their customary pathways but these feeding troughs keep the place a little neater. They are under cover so the apples don't drown. After a while they contain lots of deer slobber and grotty bits. The deer don't seem to mind. I have just cleaned up and blow dried the area and will pull the cans back under cover. In the past I have also composted old apples and they add a lot of speed to the rotting process. We also make cider in the summer, in volume ,so there is lots of mash for compost as well. I am still troubled by "Waste not, Want not " so I avoid being agitated as a result of these useful alternatives for surplus fruit. We never fully outlive our backgrounds. Growing up on the bald prairie, an apple was a thing of wonder in the grocery store. My brother ,age five, stole an apple from Clem Reid's grocery store in Kindersley . My mother sent him right back with the apple to apologize. Clem said to her, " I told him, if he was going to steal an apple, he should steal a good one. " I don't think that my mother was satisfied with Clem's admonition. She would have resorted to the hair brush.

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