Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sex in the greenhouse

Everyday I water my greenhouse tomatoes, tie them up as they race upward along with, and competing with, the cukes. I fertilize my tomato blossoms at the same time. I have no birds or bees in the greenhouse, so the tomatoes have to manage with codger and brush. The cukes are parthogenetic, so could exist without even an elderly eclectic gentleman. The tomatoes need fertilizing, but are of the same variety, so they have a lot in common and will give rise to an homogenous crowd of fruit, unlike the potential for a new and interesting offspring from different varieties. The little blossoms have responded to my dusting with an enormous production of fruit ,such as seen in spades, between the codgers and tender blossoms in Bountiful . There is every reason why tomatoes were originally termed the love apple (pomme d'amour). They respond with gusto! They are fruitful! They were feared to cause uncontrolled eroticism. They fit the bill, "to go forth and multiply." I know it dates me, but a beautiful woman used to be said of as, "She's a tomato!" I go down the row, and then up the row, moving the pollen dusting to the right and left, in order to give best exposure. I can't decide whether I am part of a menage a' trois, or just a pimp. Somewhere in between! Just remember these tomato blossoms are also captive creatures. They have a limited ability to live and thrive because I have confined them to a pot and limited their horizons. The blossoms have no control of their own life and scope because of the cloistered situation I have placed them in. If I have not given them the freedom to seek fertilization by natural means, I owe it to protect and nurture. I know, for them it is second best but I always thank them. They are also loved by Mother Nature! Respect Life!

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