Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Operating Room Nurse

The nursing bureaucracy at the Lotus City hospital where I toiled in Orthopedic surgery decided in their wisdom to apply the Peter Principal to the operating room charge nurses. Said to be in he interest of  broadening the focus and utility of senior nurses for more Service flexible usage they concluded charge nurses should move from time to time, to different Services within the operating room. Senior nurses have a short learning curve so they get up to speed quickly, but the decision never really took any of the surgeon's opinions into account. By that time of course in the corporate structure it was none of our business despite the long established relationships we had developed with the charge nurses and the sort of seamlessness we had in the provision of patient care. The generals and colonels often hatch new ideas that break a few eggs on the corporal's plates. It is getting harder and harder to decide what rank is the more expendable, as our hands on people think about it. The curious thing is, as far as I know, I was the only one to raise an objection to this lateral move. Maybe it was because we had a treasure in our Orthopedic Service, but it was also fear for myself since I was getting older and as I was distracted when conversing from time to time, she would remind me what I should be doing. It was apparent that the bureaucracy would ignore any plea from me on this basis, particularly since all the other Service Chiefs lusted after my treasure. Like Priam allowing Paris to steal and harbour Helen away from Menalaus, I had no wind left to resist. Since I was old and feeble I had to resort to shock and awe and good humor to succeed. I therefore wrote to the nurse bureaucrats a simple phrase on my letter of protest to say that I would kill myself if they moved Ms SL. They possibly had never  received such a letter before, so were non plussed and relented in my case for a decent period of time. Perhaps they thought me mad and therefore needed a steady hand at the tiller. However, as the ship of state sailed on, she went eventually to the General Surgeons and I had to become a big boy again despite that delayed pillage.

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