Friday, August 8, 2014

On Being 80

oh yes. A new thing. My liver enzymes are up. The result of methotrexate for 20 years, and leflunomide combined with it, has a high rate leading to toxic liver disease but also, curiously, the combination is most highly effective in treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis which of course I have. The toxic effects are not bad at this stage but my doctor says to me, "Why don't you give up your nightly drink for a month and see what the enzyme levels do?" I say, "I only drink two finger widths." He says," It's only a month." I say, "Is that a suggestion or a command?" He didn't speak but looked at me until I felt foolish.  At any rate I stopped for a month and never really missed it, got new tests and lo', the high enzymes dropped a considerable amount. I guess it proves once again that two's company but three's a crowd. I'm giving up alcohol in favor of the duo of the pills but why do we always have to be sensible? Seems to me that that duality, of most dangerous, but also the most effective, has many analogs in life and if we concentrate on ducking the chances, wearing suspenders and belt at the same time, worrying about one's pants, we may miss the boat. No more scotch. Three is a crowd and I am adventurous, but I'm not stupid.

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