Friday, June 19, 2009

Standing in the wind

Over the years I have served as President and Chairman and Warden, and other things in various organizations. I was basically a committee man only because I find it hard to say no. If you serve long enough and don't make too many mistakes you will eventually become top dog, till they realize you aren't. I'm inherently lazy and therefore developed, early, a penchant for delegation and, honorably, a reluctance to take credit for other's good work. This was not altruistic, but in fact a continuation of my self interest in doing less, by encouraging others to do more. I confess I've felt guilty in the past for some of this lassitude, since others of a more skeptical bent have seen through my subterfuge. The one redeeming factor is, however, my ability to stand in the wind, however stiff. Someone needs to do it. It isn't thick skin because often suffering arises and bruises are inflicted. Hopefully if you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, or the wrong thing for the right reasons, you can at least keep your balance in the wind. If you do the wrong thing. for the wrong reasons, you are toast and deserve what you will eventually get, which is blown away. I can remember my father saying to me once , if he said it a hundred times, " Jim, you have an excuse for everything, all of the time". I know that about myself. I was a dreamy boy growing up who was always optimistic about himself and everyone else. If you always think things will work out in the end and you haven't absorbed the fact that they don't, then the wind is not a problem to you. This feeble minded guy is standing in a hurricane smiling and saying, "At least it's not a tornado." Blows your mind!

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