Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beach Walk

Some magazine has said Kitsilano beach in Vancouver is the third sexiest beach in the world. Yo! Not to take anything away from Kitsilano, I went for a walk on the beach, our beach, today. I hadn't walked the entire mile of beach for at least six months but the tide was out and it was a dull and somewhat blowy day with a little west coast drizzle. My walk was sexy. There were three river otters playing and cuddling and watching me about fifty feet from the shore. They stick their little heads way out of the water because they are curious. I think two of them were pups. There were over a hundred Canada geese eating eel grass that had shed. Some of it may have had remnants of the herring spawn from March, still glued on. M M good! There is a sand bank of geoducks, and if you touch the siphon gently with your foot to tease them, they give you a big squirt! One lone eagle flew across the harbour and two turkey vultures cruised the shore. The wind was pretty good so they had updrafts. The sand banks have periodic congregations of sand dollars in the millions but so far very localized. The oysterbeds seem diminished to me. There is still a large oyster collection on the rock outcroppings of shale that dot the beach. They are Japanese oysters since we no longer have indigenous oysters here. I see someone has built a large and attractive house on the beach, down the way. I hadn't seen it before. There was no one on the beach thoughout my walk until I arrived at our beach stairs. A young woman and a dog on a leash walked by, but she averted her eyes. Training I guess.

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