Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Organic Food

There is no doubt that food grown naturally is good for your organs. The organic movement has , by common usage now, co-opted the word that I think in the olden days would have been a misnomer. Organ, is either a musical instrument or a part of one's anatomy. When I grew up in a small village in Saskatchewan, everyone had a vegetable garden. The only amendment as I remember was manure, and because it was prairie gumbo, the dirt was always deep and other than initially after seeding, never required watering. There were no chemical fertilizers or pesticides I can think of other than Paris Green. What we grew, we ate and canned, or at least my mother canned, with glass sealers. There was no plastic. There were no snap lids. In a sense the organic movement is archaic, a throwback, to my time and earlier. The pianist and I went to the farmer's market yesterday and bought the most beautiful vegetables, full of sweetness, naturally grown, by slim, healthy, bronzed people. What a pleasure! My daughter is an organic farmer and I understand the work entailed to grow that sort of food, in the scrupulous fashion, that requires a diligence we never had to provide in the olden days. There was little or no toxicity then. Certainly there were pests and diseases of plants but they were far less numerous as I recall. When you are largely confined to eating what you can grow, your palate becomes limited. When you have been through all the eating styles and limitless choices over 75 years, your palate eventually becomes equally limited by choice. Though it may, of necessity, cost more than the supermarket for organic food, we are so lucky to be able to return, in the open air, to food that is good for our organs.

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