Friday, November 27, 2009

Pee on your compost

My friend Doug told me years ago that his prospective in- laws, who had never met his parents, came to visit them unexpectedly. The old boy was out, said to be turning the compost pile at the time, and the enthusiastic mother-in-law to be, volunteered to get him and rounded the house only to catch him taking a pee on his compost pile. Since he was an Englishman, he raised his hat to her. What else could he do? I was relating this story to my family ,as I thought it was funny and the pianist said to me, "You've never done that have you? " She looked at me through querulous eyes. "No" I said. My daughter said, "Yes he does. I've seen him stand and pee on the compost". You can rarely get away with anything in a family! So, I told this whole story to my friend Ez'. I excused our behaviour on the fact that both Doug's father and I lived in an area of Lotus City that was private and secluded. Ez' lived in a wealthy enclave of Lotus City that was less secluded . I said, "You, on the other hand couldn't get away with it because your properties are more open. Your neighbors would see you". "Yes", he said, "that may be true, but my neighbors have too much "je ne sais quoi " to say so. Touche!


  1. Compost can't really tell the difference between nitrogen from a human source, nitrogen from decomposing fish, household ammonia, or nitrogen from a commercial bag. I'd rather not eat vegetables that were enriched with your compost, though. Your flowers probably smell just as sweet as anybody else's.

  2. I always thought it was your grandfather who'd done that, caught by Nanny and a couple of her Winnipeg society friends while leaking in an out-of-the-way part of his garden. Nice to see I'm not the only one who adapts stories to the occasion.

  3. I wonder what the issue could be...not pathogens as pee is sterile..Is it genetic transference that makes the queasy so adverse?

    That the recombinant bacteria sequence in GE soy can transfer in human gut bacteria is of more concern to me and is the ingredient I'd be offended at in my compost (recombinant bacteria)

    Pass the pee compost tomatoes.