Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jesus and Joe Btfsplk

Bad news sells! We all love dirt! "The Inferno" has always been more interesting than "Paradiso". Schadenfreude is spelled by the Germans but practiced worldwide! I don't excuse myself from any of this! Canadians may be particularly bad at well wishing anyone who soars! Just read the comments on any article in the Globe and Mail! I hate the comments, but I read them, so I can't hate them much! Of all the deadly sins the most self destructive is envy. It's more destructive on the envier than the envied. Actually the envied rather like being envied! What is it about the Joe Btfsplks and the Eeyores and the Chicken Littles these days! Eeyore always found something wrong with Pooh's optimistic ideas, both Joe and Chicken Little were beset by the constant rain cloud or the sky cracking. Is bad news,other people's sins and an immanent sense of disaster providing some form of extreme vitality to an otherwise pedestrian and mundane life style? Something came from the sky for Jesus too . It was a dove and gave a thumbs up sign to life! The Jews of Jesus time were looking for a warrior to beat up on the Romans and their proxies, but they got a peace maker and an optimist who didn't flinch from all the negativity he got then, and still doesn't flinch now! It's difficult for me to behave as well as I want in this world since I am such a human being! I still rain on other people's parade. I still am called Eeyore by my committee colleagues. I still fear that the sky is going to fall down! I'm old enough that I should know better, or not admit it!

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