Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Legatee

PC was a prominent physician in Lotus City in the olden days. One of his patients, for whom he particularly attended most diligently, was a wealthy English Lord, transplanted to Lotus City in the days of Residual Empire. PC was not only prominent, but an excellent and knowledgeable internist whose opinion was sought after by many of his colleagues. Despite the fact that he was always busy, PC, nevertheless, took the extra time the Lord believed he required, and in turn, was received royally by his wife and himself. The Lord had an old Rolls Royce that PC always expressed great admiration for and he rarely failed to complement the Greatness as to his considerable fortune to have such a vehicle. Despite the rigorous and intelligent care of PC the Lord eventually succumbed to old age and died. Shortly after the funeral the Lady phoned PC to make an appointment with him in her home. She told him the the Lord had included PC in his will and wished him to have an item which he knew PC had greatly admired. She added that this legacy was something he and his patient had often spoken about during their engagements. PC attended the appointment with the Lady with a great sense of anticipation. Surely the Lord would supply his fonder dream ? She showed him the will. The Lord had left PC his club tie; she said a prized possession that PC had apparently admired! He couldn't recall the event, but conceded in his mind that it was probable. Expect little, receive much! Expect much, receive little!

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