Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hedge trimmer

As an elderly eclectic gentleman I am too feeble to manage a large hedge, and a heavy, gas hedge trimmer, without some creative inventiveness! My Rube Goldberg apparatus was a simple structure that employed a crutch secured to a boat engine mount, both apparatus readily available in the household of a decrepit, who lives by the beach. When it was trialed it was somewhat awkward and only moderately effective. The hedge I have inherited was planted by Mother Nature and consists of, among other things, thorny 'rosa vulgaris' and blackberry vines. The object of my invention, as you can see in the attachment, allows the hedge cutter to perch on the handhold of the crutch which takes the weight of the 7 foot trimmer. The engine mount base can be moved every 4 feet along the hedge and the hedge trimmed in an arc-like fashion. The hedge height achieved is consistent, due to the constancy of the purchase on the crutch hand hold, which obviates the need for string or eyeball. I thought it was a good idea, but then my son-in law came along and just cut the hedge without my creation, since he is a youngish eclectic gentleman. Since my hedge is 6 or 7 feet deep, and to be 5 feet high at the lawn, and 15 feet at the water side, and 200 feet long, it is a daunting task! I was blessed with his help. I did the mop up work and shredded the clippings the following day.I have become parsimonious in my old age, since hitherto, I have spent about 400 dollars getting a strong man to do this job. A dollar saved is a dollar earned! Thank goodness for my son-in-law.If I am abandoned by my family and friends, I may have to revert to my invention, but it's current trial was a bit of a bust.

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