Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Turkey Fish

I picked up a frozen hen turkey from the farmer this afternoon. A Thanksgiving dinner years ago came to mind! An aunt and uncle, with whom we had a chequered relationship over the years, came from Winnipeg to Lotus City to stay with us for Thanksgiving. It was a precious time of healing and love in, and my aunt was keenly interested to go fishing with me on the briny deep. I lucked out that morning and she caught a fighting spring salmon of about 15 pounds. When we got home she phoned her daughter in Winnipeg to set up her customary fancy dinner party for their medical clinic friends and colleagues. We then settled down with them to a family dinner of turkey and all the trimmings attached to that festive occasion. It was nice and my aunt was ecstatic about her catch and fully engaged, since she was particularly fond of our children. Perhaps because it was so much fun, the stay was stretched to the last minute before the necessary ride to the plane for Winnipeg. The fish was in the freezer in a double bag, frozen solid. The pianist has always operated on a " waste not,want not basis" and had frozen the turkey carcase for soup making, also, it in a garbage bag of the same nature. You know what happened! The carcase was packed in the rush and discovered in Winnipeg when she proudly opened the bag at home to display it to her daughters. The pianist and I had a enjoyable salmon dinner party with our friends and colleagues later.Even later, we made delicious home made soup from the Christmas turkey carcase. That winter my aunt died of a head injury when she fell from her horse at the roadside in Winnipeg! She was 56 years young! That Thanksgiving a relationship was restored! It never fails to remind me at Thanksgiving, of the healing, humor, blessings and sadness we are given!

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