Sunday, June 20, 2010

clods and furrows

The ground we walk on, the field we traverse, may not be disked or harrowed. You will trip on the clods and sink into the furrows! In the past I may have thought, in an idle moment, that a fine tilth might be going to be laid for me.If it were,I wondered if I might have run a little faster, and got a little further over the field than I did. At least I said that to myself then. The pianist and I began by trying to make sure we used a disk harrow and a spike harrow for our kids, but the harrows both disappeared in the busyness of our life before they were used, and so the kids had their own clods and furrows to manage.I realize now, thank God for that! To have it otherwise is an insult to the connective tissue your issue naturally bring into the world. You can't raise your children in a greenhouse. The growth becomes rank and sappy! I'm not sure that entitlement isn't still present in our affluent world. If it is, there's going to be unseasonable weather outside the greenhouse and some of these sweet plants will eventually either toughen or fail. "It's the way of the world", some say. There is another way. You don't have to toughen. It is a blessing to finally know that you are not entitled. That, in fact, the more entitled you feel you are, the more impervious to the truth you become. Someone says ," I have come to the end of my rope. I can do no more!" I say," Hallelujah, now you have the chance to give up and grow!" Thank God for clods and furrows!

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