Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's day

I don't ever remember celebrating Father's day in the past much. Lately it seems more de riguere! On Sunday my son-in law and I were treated to a celebration by the available wives and offspring! It was nice. My present from my daughter was a scroll that had an outline of her hands, and she wrote," For you, helping hands!" She is going to help me paint the decks on Monday and Tuesday next. I have had to get cracking this week, since on the Wet Coast there is a coating of algae and loose paint with a bit of rot here and there on the deck and abundant crow guano despite frequent washing. Preparation for painting is necessary. I power washed yesterday and today I sanded and scraped,treated,replaced and filled. I have my own power washer but I rented a large, stand up, oscillating sander. The rental guy looked at me and said "Are you sure you want this one, it's kind of heavy. "Oh sure" , I said, " I prefer to stand rather than work on my hands and knees." Well, I got home and I could hardly lift it. It's 80 pounds. The pianist said to me, "You shouldn't be lifting that. You'll hurt your back!" I didn't want to admit I couldn't manage it, but it was apparent that I couldn't. The pianist is too gracious to say, "You're a damned old fool to try to lug around a machine that is virtually only slightly heavier in pounds,than your age in years!" I knew however, what she was thinking! I went for a small belt sander and worked on my hands and knees.I ate crow at the rental shop.I guess it's not true that "father knows best". I'm looking forward to Monday and Tuesday and reaping the benefit of my Father's day present.

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