Tuesday, June 15, 2010

organic slug bait.

As I sit here pounding my keys in the computer room I see the Northwestern Crow is busy eating my so-called organic slug bait just after I scattered it. It's a commercial ferric phosphate compound and when spread it looks like short little rice grains and the crows, I guess, suppose it is a somewhat bland, but interesting carbohydrate meal. So much for my feeble efforts to control the slugs eating my dahlias to the ground. I am about to commit to poison warfare instead, and reject this fruitless, politically correct,organic stand. Let the chips fall ! I'm tired of always being good. I'm tired of being a fall guy. It's for the birds! That's the trouble, it is for the birds! All it gets me is stubs and poor little tubers, trying again. They do not tell you this, about crow food, on the product box. I have long suspected I was providing a mineral meal for my feathered enemies but was never sure until I observed first hand this blatant act of aggression. If only the manufacturers would " 'fess up", if they knew, we could have saved ourselves some effort and expense. Unfortunately, the only time good news sells, is in the marketing and advertising game! I'm not going to complain to the manufacturer since they must know. I don't want to be a whiny crank, but I am going to alert the blogosphere. Forewarned is forearmed!

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  1. Amazing! I totally agree, organic slug bait didn't seem too effective for me either. I switched to Eraza this summer, it's great - advanced warfare! The website is here: www.eraza.co.uk

    Since I started using it my vegetables are slug free and the birds seem content with their feeder rather than the blue pellets. Now to stop the crows hogging the bird feeder...