Monday, February 4, 2013

Busy Hands

In the olden days when my children were teenagers, from time to time, when lassitude struck and indolence lurked around the corner, I would observe the axiom that, "Busy hands are Happy hands!" It was and is a tenet of faith I carry, but of course they would respond immediately by gagging motions into a fake barf bag. I expected such a response of course, but we had communicated and they  knew it, though it became sort of a joke, (CBS) Corny but Satisfactory. I was astounded to get a communication from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada the other day with information that we had unemployed Orthopedic surgeons, Neurosurgeons and Cardiac surgeons, newly graduated, that couldn't find places  to work in Canada now. The cream of the crop that we can't seem to fit in after all that training and skill; not being utilized to the fullest. One of the most satisfying aspects of my career in Lotus City was part of the recruitment and utilization of young Orthopedic surgeons added to our roster every three to four years throughout most  of the past thirty years. They added greatly to the health of our Service with the contribution of current knowledge and new skills. Rather than competition, the addition of these surgeons added to the energy of all and confirmed the adage that busy hands are indeed happy hands. Rationing of health care in this country by governments may save money, but in the face of inordinate waiting lists, inadequate expansion of high tech facilities, and unwillingness to address the antiquated Canada Health Act for fear of political suicide, the slow erosion will continue. Where is a latter day Edmund Burke when we need him? He may have been turfed by the electors of Bristol after a term, but he lives on in our minds and literature, while the ever compliant politicians of his day were never heard of again. My long association with surgeons has taught me this: these brothers and sisters under the skin would work for nothing if the tool shop is excellent and the team is topnotch. Money is not the big issue; it is the side issue, even though the money is good. I too am cognizant of the over all major costs these surgeons secondarily generate for the health care budget. Let's face it!  Health care Delayed is Health care Denied! A stitch in time saves nine. The work is fascinating and truly, "Busy Hands are Happy hands!"

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