Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mountain Climber

Today is the feast of the Transfiguration. Those who climb the mountain to the top will be changed if not transformed. To reach the top is not to stay there. The hardest part is to go back into whatever valley your have to deal with where you wanted to be cool,  not giving up and giving in to the new view. The priest today said that some of us may have been at the mountain top and were transformed. I was, I was, my hand is up! I didn't ever really diserve to get there, but I was placed there by a Holy Helicopter. I felt like a bird with wings for three months and moved with the wind but was probably considered mildly mad by my colleagues and friends. I may have been dreadfully eager to reach all those I saw in need who treated me with compassion, but it all gradually faded since living on a mountain top too long addles the brain. Transformed, no, transfigured, no, but changed and slowly adapted, yes. The valley is where we are to be, not the mountain, not Olympus, not Mount of Olives, not the Acropolis not even the mount of the Transfiguration. I actually prayed a prayer that the feeling of religous euphoria would leave me because it was interfering with my ability to do my work. Not to worry, some of it all sticks. You may be lucky enough to have your string jerked as well, but gradualism is the thoughtful and longitudinal way to go. That's just the work part that is demanded of those of us in the valley. Partly blind, partly poor, partly weak, control recused, hardly cool, that's us.

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