Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random Harvest

The top banana of the Greek Gods, Zeus, swallowed his wife Metis at the time that she was pregnant. Eventually,  Metis gave birth,  and Athena, who because she was part of the meal, had to emerge through the top of Zeus' head. This isn't a book of stories about food or obstetrics or neurosurgery or even a cranky husband though it may include some or all of these topics. It's about control, or rather the lack of it. Zeus had to deal with Athena's arrival on her time table rather one of his choosing. She ended up being useful to him, rather than stronger than him as he had originally feared! If I am a fermentation vat, from time to time a bubble arises from below, breaks my surface with a "boing", and produces a spreading ring that lasts a while. The vat doesn't know when the bubble is going to break out and can't stifle it. Like Athena, the bubble rises up in its own time, ruffles the surface, and thereby is part of the fermentation. The random harvest of thoughts, that arise de novo; grasped at and scribbled about, without questioning the birth process, and without stifling yourself, is therapy of a sort; like taking a stroll through your head. It's clear that there is a lot to see there, but it only shows itself to you when it will. Like Zeus, I must have eaten a lot of stuff in my life that is still sitting around waiting to be born, or wanting to be born, but perhaps I am too thick-skulled yet to let it all out. Possibly I am still stuffed with stuff and long to empty myself, but I must wait for Athena, Goddess of Wisdom amongst other jobs and useful to me as well. It's at least intriguing to me what the muse will say next, and when the bubble will arise. Constipated or not, I am content to sit on the stoop and wait for it.

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