Monday, August 31, 2009

community vegetable garden

Lotus City provided parcels of vacant land for people who wished to grow their own vegetables and didn't have access to any appropriate land. These parcels provided individual plots that were 20 by 50 feet. There was piped in water and an atmosphere of comaraderie and competition thoughout the growing year. The plots were highly individualistic and reflected the personalities of those that toil in the soil. The plot the pianist and I had one year was in a community garden that was surrounded by a newly developed subdivision of houses. In an effort to improve my plot I answered an ad for manure. The man who answered said he would provide good pig manure. I asked him if it was mature and well composted. He assured me that it was, so I ordered a full truck load. When he arrived I came to meet him and show him my plot. It was a dump truck and when the product began to slide out, and I mean slide, it was apparent that "dump" truck was the apt description of the vehicle. The pig manure was of recent origin. Shortly after the dump, I could see the windows of my proximate neighbors open and then quickly close. The smell was evil! I raced home and engaged my son with gum boots to dig in the manure before we were cited for olfactory offense. He did a good job. I impressed upon him the urgency of the matter! I confess the cauliflower and broccoli that year were of winning quality. The offence was never repeated.

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