Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It ain't about Deservin'

When Little Bill was layin' on the floor and said to William Munny, "I don't deserve this!" William said, as I recall, "Deservin' ain't it!" or, "It ain't about deservin'! ". Then William blew Little Bill away! In point of fact, Little Bill deserved everything that he got! Which makes me think about deservin' and entitlement and what happens if we are "good", or have the right genes, or the right stuff, or the right deep pockets. People, and I include myself, though I can be self-righteous, take entitlements for granted. My prayers for example, though rarely formatted, are prayers of request rather than thankfulness. None of us has entitlement or deservin' as a given. I don't know whether there is a master plan the the Almighty has for me or I am simply to exist in the wonderful world he has created, and to love , survive and endure. Whatever comes will test you and your will to do good. There is no entitlement or deservin' here. William, to be charitable, despite his chequered career, did a bad thing for a noble purpose and I like to fantasize that it was redemptive. Perhaps William Munny was not one of the Unforgiven.

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