Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Golden Apple, Quince

Quince, the fruiting tree, not the flowering shrub, was a Mediterranean origin. It grew best there, but worked it's way northward over the centuries and also grows in the islands in the Salish sea. Here it ripens in November and is golden.
The apple, the Greeks and others of the Levant refer to, is undoubtedly the quince, since apples as we know them would find that climate unacceptable. The pianist's and my greeting and thankyou card, is a reflection of the fact that here, both the apple and quince and for that matter, the medlar , all flourish in this small collection of islands in the Salish Sea.
Here find a reference: Euripedes, Greek,484-406 BC , " I would fly to the coast of apples of which many tales are told,the far Hesperian shore where the mighty Lord of ocean forbids all further voyaging and marks the sacred limits of heaven, which Atlas holds.There the immortal streams flow fresh by the couch of God where he lies with his lovely ones-and earth, the mother of life, yields up blessings of harvest to enrich a bliss that never ends." Can you blame me for liking it here?

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