Monday, February 22, 2010

collagen or cojones

The more euphemistic of us would describe a metaphor for the strong and resilient as in possession of "lots of fibre" (Collagen). It is not sexist and is a more rounded description of the inner toughness of either sex, a feature that many strong women have in spades. I don't just refer to " moral fibre", though that also, but fibre, that is Collagen, is what maintains and provides strength for our structure. It's what holds us together! How really, can " having balls or cojones" provide any quality in describing the strength of the beautiful gender, let alone men? I suppose "having backbone" is an alternative that is apt, as a similar expression, for both men and women. For the orthopedic surgeon, "collagen and backbone" are part of our language and are preferable to the urological terms for toughness or staying power. The orthopedic terms just don't have as much colour. How about "having good ground substance ?" Ground substance is the intercellular material in which the collagen lies. We could say the the strong and resilient have good ground substance. They are "well grounded"! The term "balls " applied to women seems to me a derogation or, if not generally considered so, it should be. Having strong daughters and an equally strong wife I wouldn't dare say they had "cojones". I do know there is always a time to speak and a time to shut up. That time is now! I don't have the cojones!

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