Sunday, February 7, 2010


She had been sitting for a fairly long period and had to go to the bathroom and her leg kept going to sleep. "Can we take a break?"she asked." " Just a couple of minutes." he said, " I'm tidying up something." A trace of amusement passes her face and she shifts slightly to wait. He looked up just as the wisp of amusement was there and it was imprinted on his unconscious memory. He painted it in. He later showed the portrait to the Pope. "Very average painting " the Pope observed, " but there is something intriguing about the face". Then later he made a fuller comment on the portrait and observed that the enigmatic smile was significant as it reflected a deep, both sorrow and joy, that life and death and goodness and sin were omnipresent as part of the human condition. Centuries later the enigma of the smile continued to confound as gallery travelers marveled at what they were told to see. So, dear Brutus, let us not be airy-fairy, if you hear a chirping in the bush, it's probably a sparrow and not a canary.

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