Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Impetuous gardening

A man without a plan is like Don Quixote mounting his horse and riding off on all directions. A man with a bad plan, is even less better off! I had a wet spot in my garden that was marshy in the winter and so, some time ago, thought I would plant cranberries since they grow well here. The peaty bogs in the Fraser delta grow beautiful blueberries and cranberries and the fields are spectacular in the fall when they turn deep reddish orange. If you are on your way to "Olympic City" from the south, take a detour through the Delta side roads for a visual treat. I phoned a commercial grower to ask what to do to plant a bog and he said they mowed the plants after harvest and I was welcome to cuttings since they threw them away. There is nothing better than free, and he gave me two full garbage bags from his mowing. I built a bed with substantial soil addition in my wet area and spent a long time planting my cuttings in a bed 5 feet by 30 feet. The cuttings were about 4 to 6 inches high. Most of them took but so did the weeds . It was frightful. My little transplants were inundated. The task of weeding was daunting and after a half day of labor and scant inroads I realized I was defeated. Too impetuous. Bad planning. I should have summer fallowed for one or two seasons before starting such a project. Too big a hand in the cookie jar. Eyes too big for the stomache. Besides, I rationalized, "How many cranberries do you really need?" It was really just the idea! Another fruit to grow! Another idea to try! I transplanted my Gunnera into the erstwhile cranberry bed. It's much more user friendly.

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