Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shred and Burn

Living as we do in a bucolic rural area, the potential to burn or shred the cellulose we accumulate is optional. The noise of my Bearcat shredder doesn't bother anyone and the smoke raised by the burning of larger wooden limbs and trash wood is not offensive to my distant neighbors. I usually do it on the beach. I like the shredded material because it returns fibre to the soil when composted and it also allows making little pathways which are A -OK on the wet coast. In the wet months I can burn all the paper trash in the incinerator and use the ash in the compost for phosphorous, etc. All told this is a pretty good system if you live in the country. I love power tools for gardening. I couldn't shred or use a blower or my weedeater or power washer in Lotus city without constantly irritating my neighbors who are mostly urban green. I hand turn my compost heap but also use a five horse power Honda tiller to mix it when it starts to return to black. I have to watch that I don't topple off the compost heap with the tiller on top of me. Having the capacity to turn most of the degradable junk back into the ground gives me a feeling of replenishment that is somewhat satisfying. I suppose there is a certain noise pollution and nose pollution and constantly dirty overalls but it's a labor of love. The family will not let me have a chainsaw because they think I will be careless and cut myself so I have given in on that subject with a bit of reluctance. Four fifths of a loaf is better than no loaf.

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