Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We certainly speak to our animals, and see them as responding fellow creatures! It is well known that planters who are successful, speak to their plants as they nurture them,seeing the response as evidence of a mutual understanding. Findhorn became the modern Mecca of this movement. From the time of the Greeks,however, the interchangeable nature of man in both the animal and vegetable kingdoms was an undisputed fact, the assumption of the anthropomorphic metamorphosis of man and his fellow creatures. What about the minerals? I find myself speaking regularly to our freezer and rototiller and our cars amongst the other minerals we live with. I speak to them lovingly as creatures that might have a glimmering of understanding! Now, of course, this is to most, a piece of arrant foolishness, such as could be expected from an elderly eccentric gentleman, but I often see people talking to minerals such as I've described. Their lips are moving with the same obvious intensity as mine. Sometimes they appear to be cursing their mineral. That mineral is unlikely to respond to that kind of treatment. We have names that the pianist gave to our minerals that we drive. The Nissan Axess is called Blue Bottle and the Rav4 is called Green Dragon. We have clearly not fully humanized them, so this is limited anthropomorphizing. We only refer to them as animals. After all, we are all molecules in constant agitation so what's wrong with being a member of the animal, vegetable, mineral race and seeing only a few degrees of separation. The biggest drawback I can see to this idea, is the possible unwillingness of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms to be anthropomorphized since Homo sapiens is continuing to mess things up.

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