Thursday, April 1, 2010

Women's movement

Sadie Hawkins Day demise was one of the a signal events in the evolving feminist revolution. There is no longer any need or interest in Sadie Hawkins! It is a quaint piece of history that no modern woman would give any thought to. And yet, in 1952 when I was in university it was a big, big, big deal. People forget! When I started medical school in 1953 there were no women in my class of 65 students. Other year classes had maybe 1 or 2 women! Now at UBC the number of women outnumber the men in the medical school classes. There is a lot of talk in the past few years about breaking the glass ceiling. Now it's happening and is inevitable.
The question to ask here is not, is it fair,because it is obviously fair. The real question is, is there an advantage to mankind that this is happening? The answer to this is yes! I remember years ago a feature article in the Globe and Mail referring to the first woman CEO in Canada,working for a major Toronto hospital. The author must have had almost no capacity to think out of the box! I spent a lifetime working in hospitals from 1957 on, in which the CEO was a woman from their inception! Many Salvation Army hospitals had a female Brigadier, such as the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg. That is a CEO in name and in fact. There was no question who was boss. All the Catholic hospitals in Canada had a Mother Superior. That is a CEO in name, as in fact. There was no question about who was boss. When governments bought these hospitals from the religious orders for a dollar, the glass ceiling was built! So, what's the advantage for mankind? The feminine mind is generally willing, where conflict exists, to spend more time getting to consensus if it is possible! The male mind is less inclined to spend the same effort but will easily go to" majority rules". They say, "We're not going to waste any more time with this" . The female mind says "Consensus if necessary, but not necessarily consensus". There is a need for both! When will the churches wake up and acknowledge the same available strengths in leadership?

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