Friday, May 29, 2009

Changing of the Guard

Dr MC was an early pioneer in the "Morgantaler" movement. She had studied under him at his post graduate course and encountered with him, the ferocious opposition. She was committed to change, and weathered untold adverse criticism from various quarters, medical and non-medical, in that era in Lotus City. Dr. MC had the drive and zeal of an evangelist and stuck to her guns through and through,year after year, till the winds of change blew! She worked in the public, short stay surgical suite with the the rest of us, who were doing the less controversial surgical bits and pieces at the time. Even if you disagreed with Dr.MC's actions there was no one that questioned her professionalism or her tenacity to follow through! She knew how to get things done and invariably provoked a certain envy at her capacity to take a stand and weather a storm. The surgical change rooms at the time were labelled "Doctor's Change Room" and "Nurse's Change Room". The male orderlies changed into greens in the doctor's change rooms and the female doctors and other female staff changed in the nurse's change room. One eight am morning, the anaesthetist Dr GS, came barrelling out of the doctor's change room as I was going in. "Dr. MC is in there changing", he said. Well, I wasn't going to be buffaloed like he was so I went in, and there she was in bra and panties. She said, "I'm damn well a doctor and this is my room." I went to a locker and dropped my pants and shirt. She quickly dressed in greens and fled. I think the sight of me was disgusting enough that she wasted no time. This is all beside the point because the following morning, the signs on the change rooms were altered to read "Men's Change Room" and " Women's Change Room." Just as it should have been of course! Real change sometimes just requires a nudge. Activism has a broad and often pertenatious reach. Dr MC was an expert at it!

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