Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dr LB's Daughter

I'm delegated to cook today because the pianist is glazing her pots, and the measuring of chemicals for the glaze is apparently tricky. Requires deep concentration. I'm not adept at cooking but she has laid out, in sequence, all the materia foodica required to amalgamate into some sort of pottage, along with handwritten instructions in plain English. Lunch and dinner! Feigning ignorance is a ploy that can gain one certain advantages only for a limited length of time, but eventually it becomes ineffective. This reminds me of Dr LB who must have played his cards right, or else his wife gave up from exhaustion. He was an old time surgeon from 2nd world war days and was in his heyday when I started work in Lotus City in the 60's. His daughter was an OR nurse. One day, when we were chatting, she told me her mother had taken a holiday and left her dad 10 meals for dinner, frozen and labeled of course. Not bad so far, but she also set the table for ten places so he could rotate around his dirty dishes. Egad! I'm not that bad! Dr LB's daughter rejected that leaf from her mother. The apple had dropped much further away from the tree. She brooked no missteps from the surgeons and freely pointed out our sorry sides! I had been in Maui for a holiday with the pianist and bought a blue and white, checked, seersucker jacket and lemon yellow trousers with a yellow tie and white shoes. I can't remember the socks.My ensemble had a certain sartorial splendor in Maui. The first day back I walked to the OR change room in my resplendent attire with white shoes.! Dr. LB's daughter bumped into me in the hall and slowly looked me up and down with a glint. She said, "You look like a well dressed Bulgarian. What national flag is that jacket? " What cheek! Certainly not just for me! For the Bulgarians the world over! It was tough for the newly arrived to fit in behind the Tweed Curtain. I should have stuck , in those days, to tweeds with leather elbow patches,the uniform in Lotus City! Local savoir-faire! Dr LB's daughter kept you on your toes!

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