Sunday, May 10, 2009


My grandparents were married in Vancouver BC in June 1906. The San Francisco earthquake and fire was April 18 1906. My grandfather was a Londoner who came to Winnipeg about 1900 and worked eventually as an accountant for the hardware wholesaler, Acklands. My grandmother was an Ontarian who worked in Winnipeg as a secretary to Mr Ogilvie, of Ogilvie Flour Mills. They, I assume, romanced and ended up getting married in Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver. They then honeymooned by train to San Francisco,Salt Lake City,and Minneapolis-St. Paul before returning to Winnipeg. The dining car menus are something else! I said to my mother one day, " Why did they leave all their friends and come to Vancouver to have a wedding, where they knew no one ?" I thought it very mysterious. She said, "I have no idea. I never thought about it." My mother was born on March 29 1907: she was not born yesterday, but still, she seemed remarkably incurious! I have clearly a more curious mind than her. She and her twin sister were born 9 months and 10 minutes after the wedding. Still a mystery! I am the curator of my grandparent's album with some great pictures of Frisco after the quake. I think of my grandparents often, as I was born in 1934, the height of the depression on the prairies. My mother and I lived with them for 3 years after my birth, while my dad cobbled part time work together until he got a permanent job and could provide for us. If you live with your grandparents for the first three years, as I did, there is a lot of bonding. I think of them often! They were special! They had Mojo! From time to time my cousins and I still visit the big house they lived in by the Red River near Lockport.

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