Monday, May 4, 2009


The newspaper is slowly becoming obsolete. Not soon, but sometime! For a medium that is said to provide crisp analytical insight, they missed the boat in predicting their own survival. They didn't read the writing on the wall soon enough. What we are doing on the internet is as immense as the industrial revolution. Instant information has and will revolutionize civilization; will put the giving and receiving in the hands of everyone. Nothing has ever before provided the interactive nature of information we are now blessed with. Television never did it. It's not transactional! Power to the people requires mature structure. This is the challenge! Whether content will make that information useful, productive,and solve the world's problems is another matter. It may be a step in the development of the "oneness" of humanity. What we have been getting for years is opinion pieces from a select few. guidance and oversight by a even more select few owners, and facts,almost always interpreted by the presenter of the facts. Entertainment can overcome accuracy." News paper" at times may be a bit of a misnomer! Ask yourself how often the subject of an article that you have knowledge of, in depth, is superficial and slanted .That may apply widely, don't you think? At least, with the burgeoning internet sites, the dispersal of information, bewilderingly large, allows for much more resource to be available to the reader! I drive regularly past the pulp mill in Crofton, BC. I think to myself, if there is one thing I will never invest in now, it is pulp. The newsprint business is going to fade! The large logs that traverse the Island roads every few minutes of the day for processing, the barge loads of chips and sawdust entering regularly, and the major ship loading docks are in jeopardy over time. The demise of the newspaper as a major force is inevitable! Maybe books also! I think the whole thing is somewhat sad because there is a loss of the tangibility that newspapers and books provide; but it is what it is. Let's hope human beings can do their own filtering, rather than have it done for them!

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