Friday, May 15, 2009

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

In the early 70's my hair was thinning. The pianist was off on a trip with the children and I was having dinner with my parents. My mother said to me that I might look better if I had a permanent wave. By then I had a few colleagues who had adopted curly long hair.It had become by then some sort of statement. Like growing a mustache or wearing a leather thong around your neck with a shark tooth. My mother had no inkling of that kinky persona change. She just noted my bald spot. Mum said she had a friend Kay Warwick who did Toni Home Permanents. "Sure"' I said feeling cavalier, "why not ?" Kay came over to mum's house the next day and I had my perm. When I was sitting down, being worked on, looking into the mirror with big curlers in my hair, I realized for the first time how much I looked like my mother. My perm worked out pretty well,curls,but not to tight and a bit more big hair, and feeling slightly risque. When the pianist got home she was thunderstruck, not dismayed, but amused and reflective. She wasn't sure she should go away too often. She said it was like being married to someone else. At a party that night a colleague ,much older, and 3 sheets to the wind, asked if I was as sexy as I looked. I took a good look in the mirror after that and realized that I was on a new train. I felt younger and some new power. I realized then that Samson's power did come from his hair. People may have resented hair at that time for it's regenerative power and singularity. Certainly Delilah destroyed the power of Samson by ordering his hair be removed. Gotta mean something! Now in this enlightened period, virility is displayed by shaving the head. Bald is in. In the 70's we only had Kojak and Yul Brynner. Now all the tough guys are on to it. Bald is power now! There is no telling what man will do or undo next. I went back after a year to my mouse colored thin conventional hair style after my 14 year old grew his hair,( and beautiful black hair it was), down to his armpits. I couldn't compete with him and he wasn't running any risk of losing his power since we valued it and there was no Delilah! It was all too heady for me!

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