Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Robin, Canadian of course

The pianist and I watched daddy Robin every day for 2 weeks attack the window of the studio. He'd stand on the car's side view mirror and stare at the window.I guess "glare" would be a more accurate word. Then he would fly at his image up and down the window repeatedly, screeching as he did. We thought he was crazy till we saw the nest in the Kiwi tree adjacent to the window. We moved the car and now he can't perch to see this "adversary". Having moved the car, he continued to perch on the mirror but peered at himself upside down, and pecked at, and fouled up, the mirror and the side of the car.He intermittently tires and gets busy with worms rather than fighting the phantom. Dear me! As Pogo said, "We have seen the enemy and he is us". My neighbor Roland is a car buff! He has robins as well. His own robins of course, but the behavior is the same! Roland has no time for bird shit on his cars. His ploy is to simply cover the side mirrors with little plastic grocery bags. He secures them with elastic. It works, but his beautiful cars always look like they have a perpetual bad hair day. I have to look in the mirror from time to time now to recognize my shade and deal with the conundrum that abrupt retirement is making me agitated. I'm not going to cover up the mirror! I have to see and take direct action at my adversary! The robin adapted and busied himself with worms. I think I'll try something else since I'm not partial to worms. Our fledglings have flown so our groceries are light. I suppose I should wash our car. Maybe I will write stuff !

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